Our stationery is unique, hand-crafted from Recycled Paper!   



Minimums, Shipping & General Buying Information:

We do not impose order and re-order minimums so long as the purchase is for resale or re-use in manufacture, and the ordered quantities are reasonable. However, please keep in mind that smaller orders, particularly for our papers (which are shipped flat in most cases), incur disproportionately higher shipping costs.


We ship ex Boulder, Colorado and normally use FedEx ground for shipping (delivers 2 to 5 days depending on your location), but other methods could be arranged if requested, at additional cost.


Estimated shipping costs will be advised promptly upon receipt of order. Usually, it comes to about 5 to 12% of the order value, the larger the order, the lower the percentage. For substantially large orders, we offer discounted or free shipping (when certain conditions to be met).


If payment is by credit card, cards are charged on day of dispatch, usually just after packing.


All orders are usually shipped within 48 hours of receipt, in most cases by the next working day.


For orders less than $75.00, a minimum shipping & handling charge of $12.00 will apply, or actual if higher. (for bulky orders or shipped to Hawaii, Alaska etc.)


Online Product Catalog with Prices: Prices appear automatically on our online product catalog pages when logged in. Login required for each session to access prices.



Interactive Price-Lists, Order Forms and Info Sheets:

We’ve provided these to simplify your ordering process. These require Microsoft Excel installed in your computer to open. (if not, please use our Pdf version of the same files available on our same web-page)


Values and totals are automatically generated on these sheets and links are available to view images of the product our website


Papers: Recycled Handmade Papers - xls  

Pls input the number of sheets required against each product – totals will be automatically generated

Images available: hyperlinked:

Click on the paper description and an image of the paper will appear

Click on the type of paper, this is linked to the page of this type on our website

Click on Collage and a corresponding sheet of all the papers of this type will appear so to view all colors and designs


Stationery: Recycled Hand-crafted Stationery - xls

Pls input quantity required against each sub-code of product – the quantity totals will automatically generate for the code and then the values and all totals

Images available: hyperlinked:

Clink on product sub-code and an image of the product will appear

Click on product code, this is linked to the page on our website with this product


First time customers: Please fill in New Customer Information Sheet and include this with your order, thank you. We have requested relevant and basic information to process your order. Also we seek your permission to publish your name in our website as a store carrying our product so we may direct prospective retail customers looking for our product in your area.



When finished, pls either:

  1. Save a copy of your order form(s) and email us at kishin@savitris.com  – if placing order for Paper and Stationery, both files will have to be saved and emailed
  2. Or print a copy of your order forms and  fax us (1-720-435-9239) or mail us (1750 30th St., #575, Boulder, CO 80301)


If you have any questions, email us or call us at 1-888-588-8918



Pdf* Price-lists, Order Forms and Info Sheets: *requires Adobe Acrobat Reader   

Papers:   Recycled Handmade Papers - pdf               Stationery: Recycled Hand-crafted Stationery - pdf

These are viewable and printable versions of our interactive sheets, and are to be used if you do not have Microsoft Excel software installed in your computer. Please print and fill in and fax or mail us when completed.



New Customer Information Sheet: New Customer Information Sheet - xls (fill-in) or New Customer Information Sheet - pdf (print and fill)

Required to be filled in with your first order only and please submit with your order. Information provided is stored for to save time for re-orders.




Payment Methods:

Credit Cards: We accept Visa, MasterCard or American Express. We will need the type of card, full card number, expiry date, name on card, billing zip code (if different from the ZIP the order is shipped to) and CCV code (for Visa & MasterCard only - last three digits printed at the back of the card near signature). Do NOT email or input ANY credit card information on our contact us page – call us at 1-888-588-8918 or fax us at 1-720-596-5004 to provide complete card information.


First time customers in most cases are required to pay by credit card.


Net 30: We do offer net 30 payment terms on re-orders and in some cases, on first time orders. We require full business and owner(s) information, your banker’s name, address, your account number and an account officer’s name and contact number, and reference contact for at least 4 vendors you are currently purchasing from. If you wish to pay net 30 then pls fax or email us this information.



Free Catalogs and Swatches:

We offer free catalogs for Stationery (print), Stationery & Paper (CD) which includes a swatch of each type of paper, and swatches for each of our types of paper. All requests for catalogs and swatches are subject to availability, and will be processed on a first come, first served basis.


Please consider that putting together swatches involves costs in time and money; request swatches when you are interested in placing an order. If you are undecided, then request for the CD catalog which includes a single swatch of each type of paper.



Sales Reps:

If you would like our rep in your area to visit you with samples, pls contact or email us. To find a Sales Rep in your area, click here



Orders for Custom Product, Designs & Colors:

We undertake custom orders for products in our catalog or any other stationery, with logo printing (letterpress only) – private labeling too can be arranged. (reasonable minimums apply for logo printing and private labeling, additional costs may apply). We have additional colors and designs to choose from for custom orders.  Contact or email us for more information.



Terms and Conditions of Sale:


While it is our goal to ship orders within the agreed delivery time, on rare occasions delays are unavoidable. Notification will be issued for delays over 5 days.


Backorders: Items or quantities not available in stock will be placed on backorder and you will be notified with an estimate delivery date. You then have the option to accept or cancel the backorder, which must be intimated to us within 3 days of your receipt of notification. Backordered items will have to be accepted by you if you fail to inform us of your intention to cancel within the stipulated 3 days.


Shipping and Handling will be charged, to be determined based on the order


Goods are usually shipped FedEx Ground unless otherwise arranged by buyer. Smaller orders are usually shipped USPS

Priority Mail.


Due to the fact that the paper is handmade, slight variations in color, design, weights, sizes, texture and finish may occur, for which we bear no responsibility.


All refused orders are subject to a 15% restocking fee and charged freight. No returns will be accepted if merchandise has price tickets or store labels attached. All claims for damage must be made within 10 days of receipt of the shipped goods. To avoid damage, we ask that you wrap all returns securely before shipping them back to us. Please enclose in your return shipment, a copy of the invoice and packing slip you received. Savitri’s not responsible for shipping charges on any returns.


All prices are wholesale and are subject to change without notice.









Toll Free: 1 888 588-8918
Denver Metro: 720 435-9239
Fax: 720 596-5004